Chronicle Craft: Bookplates!

We’re thrilled to have Rosette Art author Cathe Holden guest blogging for today’s Chronicle Craft post. Thanks Cathe!

For many years I have invested in quality design, art, and craft resource books. I have one large bookcase and a couple of other smaller ones in my barn studio, as well as a long comfy couch nearby. It’s easy to lose track of time looking through any of them. I’m very proud of my personal library, which includes not only new, but also many vintage and rare publications. I enjoy sharing my books whenever possible and it’s a good idea to have personalized bookplates pasted in each before letting them go.

The use of bookplates dates back nearly as far as books themselves, marking pride of ownership and safeguarding against lost or theft. From the library of, or the equivalent in Latin, Ex Libris are the most common wording used I’ve found on bookplates that often include lovely illustrations.

Today I’m happy to share with Chronicle Books readers bookplates that I illustrated and designed as free printables. Click HERE to download the PDF file and print on full sheet label stock.

Once printed, use sharp paper scissors to trim out each. Don’t concern yourself with precision cutting of these hand-hewn designs, loose looks best.

Print and trim lots of copies to use, share, and gift.

Handwrite your name on each before placing into your books. I think a handwritten name will be far more cherished in the distant future than one typed onto a bookplate.

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