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A Watercolor Sense of Place

Sometimes you work on a book that you just completely adore. Actually, if you’re lucky—and I must admit I am—you work on such books all the time. But even when that’s the case it doesn’t diminish at all a particular book’s ability to still just knock your socks off with its beauty and wonder when it’s all finished.

That’s what happened to me recently with Watercolor: Paintings by Contemporary Artists. Going through the book to pull images for this post I was agonized: how would I ever choose from among all the fabulously lovely artwork in here? How to pick which ones to show you? (As far as I know we’ve never done a blog post featuring every single image from a book—but from personal experience I can tell you: that’s not because we haven’t been tempted!). But then, suddenly, I saw it. Yes, the book is full of wonderful images of objects and people and animals and all sorts of things—but the thing that jumped out at me most in this most recent perusal were the places. It turns out watercolorists are downright virtuosic when it comes to capturing locations, both real and imagined. So here’s a little tour of a few of the scenes in the book I think we’d all love to inhabit if we could.

Virgina Johnson

Becca Stadtlander

Amy Park

Dear Hancock

Fabrice Moireau

Samantha Hahn

Anna Emilia Laitinen

Paolo Terdich

Tamara Thomsen

Bridget Watson Payne

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