Holiday Stitching

The holidays are officially here and there’s no better time to get your craft on! If you’re looking for a great DIY project to end the year, this Snowflake Ornament from Stitched Gifts by Jessica Marquez is perfect.

All the instructions to make the project are right here, but we’ll also select three winners to receive a copy of Stitched Gifts, plus a Snowflake Embroidery Kit that includes everything you need to make this special little handmade keepsake.

Tracing paper
Pencil and eraser
Extra Fine Point Sharpie
Transfer method (transfer paper or tear-away stabilizer suggested; see pattern instructions)
3-in/7.5-cm embroidery hoop
5-by-5-inch/12.5-by-12.5-cm square of fabric, ironed
Sewing pins
Embroidery Thread
Size 5 embroidery needle
Fabric glue
Ornament Template

Step 1
First, do you want to create a custom date? If yes, use the template to create the date on a piece of tracing paper. Trace the snowflake and the dashed lines under where your numbers will be to help with spacing. To add numbers for your custom date, line up the straight dashed lines with the bottom of the desired number and trace. You can use a pencil to make the initial marks, and then trace over with an Extra Fine Point Sharpie.

Step 2
Choose your transfer method. If you are going to stitch onto a dark fabric, use the transfer paper method or tear-away stabilizer method. For the tear-away method, trace the template with an Extra Fine Point Sharpie onto a piece of Sulky Tear-Away Stabilizer. If you made a custom date, trace that too. Set aside.

For lighter fabrics, any transfer method will work well (water-soluble pen, transfer paper, or iron-on transfer pen or pencil). Transfer the pattern in the medium that is best for you.

Step 3
Mount the fabric in the embroidery hoop. If you’d like a sturdier stitch surface, use a backing stabilizer (Sulky Stiffy/Pellon Stitch-N-Tear) behind your fabric. Both the fabric and stabilizer should be pulled smooth and taut in the embroidery hoop. If you are using the tear-away method, pin your pattern to the mounted fabric with sewing pins, which is how I transferred this pattern.

Step 4
Now let’s get to the stitching.

Snowflake: 4-ply backstitch. Start from the outermost point of one of the snowflake’s arms. Because this shape is not a continuous line, it’s okay to jump around a bit. Plus, if you’re going to mount it in the hoop, who is going to see?

Date: 4-ply backstitch.

Small stars: 2-ply cross-stitch and star stitch. Create dimension by varying the length of the star arms and the thread count for a few stars. Do some 4-ply, some 3-, some 2-, and so on. Try different colors, too.

Step 5
A 3-in/7.5-cm embroidery hoop makes the perfect frame for this piece and is easy to hang as an ornament from the hoop’s hardware. To secure the fabric to the hoop, cut a 1/2-in/12-mm fabric allowance from the back of the hoop and cut away all stabilizer. Glue the fabric to hoop.

There are a couple ways to enter to win a book + Snowflake Ornament kit:
• Leave a comment on this post.
• Tweet @ChronicleBooks telling us you want to win with a link to the post.
• Feel free to do both to increase your chances!

Good luck & Happy Holidays!

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