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Fun with Washi Tape: Herringbone Cell Phone Cover

Washi tape can do almost anything. Made from a marriage of Japanese-style paper and masking tape, it can be found in a tantalizing array colors and patterns, has a lovely translucent quality, and serves a purpose—why tape up that postcard with clear tape when you could use metallic rose gold? But in her book Fun With Washi, author Jessica Okui points out that perhaps washi’s greatest appeal is its impermanence.

It’s easy to remove and reposition, so the design you create today doesn’t have to be the one you use tomorrow. From wall art to tote designs to wearable accessories, she offers some unexpected ways to put this flexible medium to use. Here’s a tutorial from the book for a herringbone cell phone case design. Give it a try, you can always change it later!

Washi tape DIY craft: Herringbone cell phone case

Herringbone Cell Phone Case Instructions


Washi tape DIY craft: Herringbone cell phone case

Washi tape DIY craft: Herringbone cell phone case

Kathryn Jaller
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Kathryn Jaller

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