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Ms. Meghan Makes: A Nest is Noisy

Did you know orangutans make nests in trees? Me neither! We were fascinated by all the different kinds of nests described in A Nest is Noisy, written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long. The detailed illustrations beautifully support the author’s captivating exploration of many different nests, from alligators to platypi to hummingbirds. My kids—ages two, four, and seven—feasted on every page.

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Naturally, egg and nest-themed crafts are a favorite this time of year, so with our new-found knowledge of nests and the animals that create them, we tried making a few nests of our own.


First up, “String Nests.” With a little paste, some string, a bowl (and a few other things), my kids loved creating their own nests with this delightfully messy craft. Jane was fascinated with how hard the paste dried and aims to convince a bird to make a home in her nest. Click below for step-by-step instructions.


Download String Nest Instructions

My kids LOVE salt dough. Normally we don’t let our creations dry—we smoosh them back into the dough jar—so my kids were delighted when we let our newly-formed nests harden. They are enjoying making little creatures to put in them and play. Click below for the step-by-step instructions and a salt dough recipe.


Download Salt Dough Instructions

For our next nest, I created something for my kids: A “Kid Nest.” I asked them questions about what they would like or need in a nest, and like any good mother bird (or alligator! or sea turtle!), I went to work. They all felt so special with their custom nests!  Click below to see how we did it and what kinds of nests I made for my little chicks.


Download Kid Nest Instructions

For dinner one night, my kids and I built nests we could eat: “Noodle Nests”! Sam has been making these since he was really little, helping twirl the noodles to make perfectly delicious little nests. See our recipe (which is a mixture of trial and error and a few recipes from around the web) by clicking below.


Download Noodle Nest Instructions

We hope you try and enjoy a couple of these nest-tivities. And we’d love to hear about your activities and crafts of this kind—our fascination with nests is still going strong thanks to A Nest is Noisy!

Meghan Premo-Hopkins

Meghan Premo-Hopkins

Meghan Premo-Hopkins is an English teacher, mom of three, and super fan of Chronicle children’s books. She shares her inspired ideas for book-related activities every other month (or so) on the Chronicle Blog.
Meghan Premo-Hopkins


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  • Jennifer November 19, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    So sweet, it makes me remember when my boys were llitte! We have Fernbank here in GA, that’s a great museum down here. Enjoy these years, which I know you are! Hugs, DaisyGirl


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