How to Throw a Coloring Party

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You might have heard a thing or two by now about the stress-relieving benefits of coloring, and you might have even joined our Coloring Club. But have you thrown a Coloring Party yet? 

How to throw a coloring party

Coloring is mighty fun, but it’s way more fun when done with friends (and with some wine). Here’s how we like to throw our coloring parties.

Step 1: Encourage guests to bring their favorite coloring books and tools. If you’re the host, it’s also a good idea to have a couple of coloring books on hand in case the urge to color something new strikes. We might be biased, but we love Fantastic Cities, Secret Garden, and Enchanted Forest.

Fantastic Cities coloring book


Step 2. Since the main activity is coloring, it’s fun to carry that theme through to the décor and go with colorful everything! We recommend sporting some brightly colored accessories and using cheerful plants as table toppers.

Want to throw your own coloring book party?


Step 3. Did someone say wine? There’s nothing like some “thinking juice” to get that coloring inspiration flowing. We offered rosé to our guests, but a colorful cocktail would be equally fun. Make sure to have matching snacks too!

How to throw a coloring book party


Step 4. Have a variety of coloring tools for your guests to experiment with! We found that our friends appreciated using a mixture of colored pencils and brightly colored markers. If you’re looking for a tried and true coloring tool, we’ve heard great things about these Prismacolors!

How to throw a coloring book party


Step 5. Admire and Repeat!

The best part of a coloring party is when you pause at the end to admire each other’s handiwork. Take note of the color patterns and methods your friends used for future experimentation. And don’t forget to set a date for your next coloring party. As your favorite coloring book gets filled in, it will become a beautiful reminder of the time you spent together.

Fantastic Cities coloring book

We hope these steps encourage you to throw your own Coloring Book party! Tag your photos of your colored-in masterpieces with #TheColoringClub–we’ll be sharing our favorites on the blog soon. Happy coloring!

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  • jackie April 14, 2017 at 8:33 am

    How about asking your guest to bring different things to color in and encourage their creativity? Coloring is more about coloring in books – how about coloring in mugs? Our favorite fun thing to color has to be t-shirts – You get to show off what you have created by wearing it after.


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