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30 People to Write for Letter Writing Month

April: a month of supposed showers, funny pranks for a day, and most importantly, letter writing. Yes indeed, National Letter Writing Month is upon us.

As a publisher, our passion for books goes without saying—but what are books without the written word? What are journals and stationery without someone to fill them out? What are words without a human to experience them? The point we’re getting at is human-to-human connection—the type that takes a bit more work than firing off a text or sending a funny Snapchat.

 With Love, Adventure, and Wildflowers Notes

With Love, Adventure, and Wildflowers Notes by Katie Daisy

The written word is a religion; letter writing, a ritual. You clear off your desk, select your favorite pen or pencil, smooth down a crisp piece of paper or open a blank card, and pause to think of what you want to say. You might plan out your letter in your head, much like an essay; alternatively, you might just start writing and see where it takes you. What’s guaranteed, however, is that you end up a slightly different (and better) person afterward. It’s undeniably cathartic, and always worth it.

In honor of this month, we’re daring you to take the Write_On Challenge: writing 30 letters in 30 days. To make this lofty goal a manageable feat, we went ahead and brainstormed 30 potential people (and things, and concepts) you can write to. Good luck!

  1. Parents
  2. Siblings, if any (or an extended family member if you are an only child)
  3. Yourself: the present you, future you, and/or past you
  4. A kid in school
  5. Your grandparents
  6. A longtime enemy
  7. Santa
  8. An old friend that you have lost touch with, but wish you hadn’t
  9. Your lover
  10. An ex-lover (this might not be a good idea)
  11. A teacher who changed the way you think
  12. Someone in prison
  13. Your garbage collector
  14. The bartender at your regular spot (include a tip in the envelope!)
  15. Your pet
  16. Your favorite author
  17. A company you admire
  18. Your childhood hero
  19. Someone you have lost
  20. A stranger (and then leave it in a public place)
  21. Your congresspeople
  22. A homeless person
  23. Your bus driver
  24. Your librarian
  25. Your mailman/mailwoman
  26. Your favorite literary character
  27. A soon-to-be graduate
  28. Your alma mater
  29. Your favorite food (an ode to pizza, perhaps, written on pizza paper)
  30. The cashier at your corner store

And for stationery inspiration, check out this stationery that looks like pizza, these cards that say something subversive, and this gorgeous laser cut set.

Good luck!

Photography by Michelle Park | Featured image features Love You More Than Cake Cards

Jenna Homen

Jenna Homen

Content and Community Manager at Chronicle Books. When she's logged off, she can be found painting, cooking, camping, or petting her dog Harley. You can follow her on Twitter at @jn_na.
Jenna Homen



  • Erica April 8, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    I have ~50 pen pals, so I’m plenty busy with writing letters to them. However, I sometimes like to surprise my aunt, uncle, and cousins with letters, too. I love that you include a guerrilla art suggestion!


  • Andrea April 10, 2016 at 9:38 am

    I love this…and am so proud of my college daughter who sends thank you notes for holidays and just for fun. This is a great list! I often think of those in nursing homes who have lost those close to them.


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