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Can You Tell the Difference Between a Potato and a Dog?

Things that look like other things. It’s a staple genre in children’s books and internet memes. Kids can almost always catch on in books. (We usually can, too.)

Confused identity is also at the heart of I’m a Baked Potato!, a new story about a dog, not a baked potato, who gets lost and finds out a lot about who he is. We figured it out pretty quickly, and young readers will enjoy being in on it, too.

But is it always that easy to tell who is a dog, and who is a potato? We’re not so sure.

1. Potato or Dog?


We just see a bunch of tater tots. Is this an error?


2. Potato or Dog?


Rustic pictures of crates of spuds. Weren’t there supposed to be puppers, too?


3.  Potato or Dog?


Everyone loves fries!! But where is the Dog Content we were promised???


4. Potato or Dog?


New potatoes! But this joke is getting OLD. Where are the dogs?


5. Potato or Dog?


Ugh. This quiz was a huge disappointment.

Potatoes are great, but we were told there would be puppies.

– – –

I’m a Baked Potato! is the wonderful new book by Elise Primavera, with art by Juana Medina. You can find it here. It’s utterly charming, and unlike this very disappointing quiz, features an actual dog.

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