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Stationery for People Who Love Swearing + Calligraphy

If you don’t have a sailor mouth, stop reading now. But if you do, say hello to the Calligraphuck line—stationery that lets the world know you don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks.

Swearing stationery

The line is the brainchild of Linus Boman, a London-based graphic designer, and we’re honored as fuck to be his publisher. Combining sleek calligraphy with crass language, writing down your thoughts will never be the same. (If you’d like to learn more about how he got started, head over here for an interview.)

So take note, bitches, and get shit done.

You're Fucking Awesome Ceramic Tray

You’re Fucking Awesome Ceramic Tray

Uplifting profanity plus gold calligraphy. This ceramic tray with gilded edges classes up home or office. Shaped like a speech bubble that can hold jewelry, keys, coins, and various trinkets, it’s a fun, inspirational gift for fucking awesome people.


Carpe Fucking Diem Ceramic Mug

Carpe Fucking Diem Ceramic Mug

Start the day right with some motivational profanity! With “Carpe Fucking Diem” in shiny gold calligraphy, this fancy-ass mug is a great way to wake up and seize the day.


You're the Fucking Best Mini Notecards

You’re the Fucking Best Mini Notecards

When mere words can’t express your feelings, try swearing. This mini notecard collection features a range of heartfelt expletives, from “You’re the Shit” and “Fabulous as Fuck” to “Fucking Killing It” and “You Got this Shit.”


You Got This Shit Journal

You Got This Shit Journal

With gilded edges, lined and blank pages, and metallic flourishes throughout, this is the journal for anyone who appreciates sassy words of encouragement.


Game on, Bitches! Playing Cards

Game On, Bitches! Playing Cards

This 54-card deck features humorous expletives, elegant calligraphy, and classic designs with a modern twist.


Carpe Fucking Diem Flexi Journal + Fucking Brilliant Journal

Carpe Fucking Diem Flexi Journal + Fucking Brilliant Journal

Seize the damn day with these gold foil-stamped journals and record your boldest and most brilliant ideas.


Fan-fucking-tastic Notecards + You're Fucking Awesome Notecards

Fan-fucking-tastic Notecards + You’re Fucking Awesome Notecards

Reward the ones you love the most with the words that offend the most! These cards have lovely greetings like “You made my fucking day” and “Fuck yeah it’s your birthday.”


Fuck Yeah! Calling Cards

Fuck Yeah! Calling Cards

Express yourself on the go with these snappy, foil-stamped calling cards—whether passing a note to a stranger or jotting a quick message to a friend, your point will sure as hell be made.


None of Your Damn Business Notebook Collection

None of Your Damn Business Notebook Collection

A trio of notebooks, each with a phrase that may or may not offend your grandmother, but will certainly inspire you to express yourself.


Fucking Brilliant Pencils

Fucking Brilliant Pencils

For a subversive secret between you and your paper, these fancy-ass pencils are a must.


Keep Your Shit Together Pouch

Keep Your Shit Together Pouch

And then keep your new pencils safe and sound inside the Keep Your Shit Together Pouch.


Fucking Awesome Coloring Book

And if you never got on board with the coloring book trend, perhaps you just needed the Fucking Awesome Coloring Book.

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Congratu-fuckin-lations, you made it to the end. You can find all of the Calligraphuck stationery and other goodies (like tea towels and a list ledger so you can really get shit done) here. Cheers, bitches!


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