13 Questions with Karl the Fog

Welcome to Lucky Thirteen, an ongoing series of 13 quick questions (some bookish, some not) for our magnificent authors and illustrators.

Most Bay Area residents and tourists need no introduction to Karl the Fog, San Francisco’s wittiest weather system. When he isn’t eating neighborhoods, shrouding Sutro Tower, or cooling off folks hiking up SF’s hills, he’s sharing his unique outlook on the city through his social media channels (he is a resident of Silicon Valley after all) to more than 500,000 combined followers. And yet, he is still mysterious (while definitely mist-erious).

With the imminent release of his first book, we posed our 13 questions to get to know him better.

(Clouds lack hands, so Karl was foggy about our pen and bookmark questions and didn’t answer.)

1. What are you currently reading?

I’m reading the room and everyone seems to be displeased with my summer staycation.

"Trolling the Golden Gate Bridge."

2. Introvert or extrovert?

Extrovert! All I want to do is hang out with everyone in San Francisco. I get my energy from sharing my gloom and doom.

3. You have a newspaper. What section do you turn to first?

I can’t hold a newspaper because it would get instantly soggy, but if I were to play your theoretical game, it would be the weather section. Because I’m obsessed with me.

4. What’s your bookmark of choice?


5. Favorite day of the week and why?

Sunday because that’s when I do my best trolling.

6. Tell us about a piece of art or writing that has inspired you.

I was inspired by Gary Kimiya’s Cool Gray City of Love, which was inspired by me, so does that mean I inspire myself? Hard to say. Still a good book about San Francisco. And me.

Karl the Fog

7. What were you almost named?

My parents also considered Greybeard, Greyson, and Steve.

8. Your pen (or pencil) of choice is:


9. Indoors or outdoors?

What’s an indoors?

10. A friend is coming over for dinner at your place. What would you cook?

I’d start with nachos for an appetizer and the main course would be the Outer Sunset.

11. What is one of the first books you remember?

My mom read me a first draft of The Canterbury Tales and that inspired me to name my stuffed animal Chanticleer.

"I don't pull this trick often, but sometimes I can make the sky like it's on fire."

12. Your favorite spot in your home is:

San Francisco.

13. What advice would your 80-year-old self give you?

You’ve got another few thousand years ahead of you. Pace yourself. Life’s not a track meet, it’s a marathon.

Karl the Fog book cover

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To learn more about Karl, find his new book here. Want more? Follow him on Twitter and Instagram and never mis(t) a moment.

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