Adiós, Design Fellows!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our incredible design fellows began working at Chronicle Books! Over the last 12 months, they have delighted us with their creative products, campaigns, and Halloween costumes. We are grateful for their hard work and fresh perspectives.

Before we send them out into the world, we wanted to give them a chance to share more about their experience in their own words:


Abbie Goveia, Children’s Design Fellow

First Year Baby, Abbie

Favorite Chronicle Books project

My favorite project this year was the picture book What Color Is Night? by Grant Snider. My wonderful manager, Amelia, gave me the opportunity to help out with the design and art direction. Since this is a book about color, we’ve had to go through many rounds of proofing to achieve the most perfect cobalt blue skies. It was truly a team effort and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it! This book has been a very special part of my fellowship experience.

Favorite memory from the year

I can’t choose just one! Cleaning day, the Halloween party, and taking care of the Fellow Island plant collection every day with Kim (the Brand fellow & plant expert).

Something you’re excited about in the future

After the fellowship, I hope to dedicate time to developing my illustration style further. I am so inspired by the incredible illustrators I’ve gotten to work with this year. It has been one of my main takeaways!

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Kat Yao, Books and Gifts Design Fellow

Seasons of the Moon, Angela

Favorite Chronicle Books project

My favorite project this year was Seasons of the Moon, which I got to work on from start to finish.

Favorite memory from the year

This isn’t a single moment, but I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of designs during Show and Tell and Design Lab. It was such a great learning experience!

Something you’re excited about in the future

I’m excited to have more time to focus on making art and developing a voice in illustration.

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Kim Di Santo, Brand Design Fellow

Brand portfolio, Kim

Favorite Chronicle Books project

My favorite projects were everything from Design Lab and the Brand team’s holiday video. It was so fun learning how stop-motion works and all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Favorite memory from the year

My favorite memory was the Halloween party, and the morning plant talks with all the plant enthusiasts in the office (shout out to plant club).

Something you’re excited about in the future

I’m excited to do some traveling and design my brother’s wedding invites!


Philip Lau, Industrial Design Fellow

Design Fellowship Poster, Philip

Favorite Chronicle Books project

Stacking Stones! These stones were molded from rocks and pebbles that I hand-picked during my first week at Chronicle Books. Being able to design and develop the packaging was also a lot of fun.

Favorite memory from the year

Hands down the Halloween party. Growing up, I’ve always loved Halloween and the dressing up. But Chronicle Books brought it to the next level, especially the Design team with our Halloween clown circus extravaganza.

Something you’re excited about in the future

Seeing the projects I’ve worked on being published in future seasons!

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– – –

Thank you Abbie, Kat, Kim, and Philip for all of your hard work this year! We’ll be keeping an eye on you and your amazing accomplishments in the future!

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