From the Design Desk: A Design Fellowship Is Like a Box of Chocolates

As our six-month design fellowships come to an end, we wanted to share a few thoughts on our experience. Each of us came up with our own colorful analogy for what the design fellowship was like for us followed by some examples of our work here at Chronicle.

The Publishing Design Fellowship is like pro tennis in the 80s: People you train with consistently serve up ace designs and the occasional overhead slam; there is no shortage of colorful headbands; you work amidst an atmosphere of hushed concentration, loud cheering, and grunting; and someone is always buzzing his hair for attention.
—Andrew Schapiro

Case wrap for the book Advertising Next: 150 Winning Campaigns for the New Communications Age

Cover for the book Swimming with Strangers


The Marketing Design Fellowship is like a great road trip with friends. You drive along an improvised route telling jokes and singing miserably the entire way. Then, when you finally reach your destination, your trip is suddenly thrown into perspective as you realize how many truly wonderful people you’ve met along the way, how many inspiring sights you’ve seen, and how much you’ve really grown to love a waffle breakfast.
—Nina Fujikawa

Collected marketing materials including bookmarks and postcards


The Industrial Design Fellowship is like a good pair of shoes, the one in the window you can’t help but notice. Trying them on, you find they are surprisingly comfortable. You realize that the shoes—voila!—fit perfectly. Your piggly-wigglies have been coddled and you have not cried wee-wee-wee all the way home! Six months later the same shoes are rough around the edges, but they still fit just right.
—Chloe Fung

Little Pea book and dish set

“The Book Step” stand for holding multiple books


The Publishing Design Fellowship is like seeing a giant squid wearing sunglasses. It’s intimidating and surreal until you actually encounter it. Then, it’s still awe-inspiring, but not quite so foreign and you actually begin to feel like you have something in common with the thing you so admired. Plus it looks totally cool.
—Brad Mead

Cover for the book Fate! Luck! Chance!: Amy Tan, Stewart Wallace, and the Making of The Bonesetter’s Daughter Opera

Case wrap for the book The New Secret Language of Dreams


The Children’s Design Fellowship is like a fable. On a big blue planet floating out in space is a large landmass wherein the residents have created a very diverse country, full of opportunity and adventure. They have developed the land and populated it in areas cold and snowy, warm and dry, and foggy and mild. Farms have been cultivated and cities built high into the sky. While every area of this country has its advantages, one specific location seems to have more than most. Here, near the ocean and the mountains, the residents of every shape, size, color, and creed live together, celebrate their unique opportunity to live in such a splendid location. They work in offices and on the street. They play in lush garden parks and share delicious food on the patios of endless restaurants. And when they want something extra special, they read. Oh, how they love to read! Books of every genre are stacked everywhere and are devoured by people all ages. Books on dinosaurs and doodles, puppy dogs and wild horses, even big trucks and diggers! Who could possibly provide enough books to meet the demand? Why, Chronicle Books, of course! Oh, how the people rejoice at the sound of the name! Chronicle! Chronicle! You can hear them shouting in praise from the libraries to the printing press. The Golden Gate Bridge smiles in anticipation of new titles and the ocean waves crash the shore in applause. Oh, Chronicle Books, you’ve saved the day again!
—David Habben

Finger puppet books for kids

Cover for Horse Crazy


Well there it is, everything you need to know about what it is like to be a Chronicle Design Fellow.

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