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Art + Design: Portraits of World Leaders

It is undeniable that the worldwide political landscape has seen a good deal of unrest and historic change this year. Award-winning photographer Platon knows that landscape well. He’s photographed world leaders since the fall of 2009 when nearly all heads of state were in New York for a meeting of the United Nations.

Platon’s photographs, Portraits of Power, appeared in the Dec. 7th issue of the New Yorker that year. Many are of icons of our age, such as his image of Gaddafi, which was featured earlier this year on the cover of Time Magazine.

Power, Platon’s new book with Chronicle, provides a comprehensive historical record of our time. It’s a “yearbook” that captures a truly unique moment.

“If you put all of the pictures together,” says Platon, “you get a sense of the global personality of the power system. It allows us to stand back and to start to analyze what happened, who was in control—that is what this book is about.”

You can hear Platon speak about his experiences photographing this amazing roster of world leaders in the video below.

Power features over 100 stunning portraits along with an introduction by New Yorker editor David Remnick. Here are a few I am sure you’ll recognize.

Barack Obama, President, United States

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President, Iran

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister, Russia

Tony Blair, Prime Minister, United Kingdom May 1997-June 2007

Robert Mugabe, President, Zimbabwe

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