Boo Behind the Scenes

I have worked with Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog for over a year now, and had the opportunity to hang out with him a few times—each time is a treasured memory. Several of my friends ask if he really is as cute and charming in person and the answer is—YES! Even if I didn’t work with him, I’d still say that Boo is the cutest dog ever.

This photo of Boo and me made me popular on Instagram.

Last month we had a top secret day planned where Good Morning America’s producer Suzanne and reporter Becky came to San Francisco to tape a segment in which Boo shows Becky around the city. This was inspired by his new book, Boo: Little Dog in the Big City. It was a secret since we had to get around the city and hit four different locations in a short amount of time. We couldn’t have any distractions, and Boo being recognized can surely cause distractions.

Boo gets ready for a romp in the sand.

We started at Alamo Square Park, sight of the Painted Ladies Victorian homes that have been made famous in TV shows like Full House and Suddenly Susan. It was fun to get out in the park and see Boo run around. A group of French tourists came up and started to take photos of Boo rather than the beautiful, famous homes that line the park.

We jumped in our cars and made our way to Ghirardelli Square, which smells like melted chocolate. Yum! Suzanne filmed Becky enjoying a hot chocolate with Boo. As I sat with Boo while the crew set-up, several tourists stopped to ask if they could take his photo, and I obliged. Interestingly, these folks from Italy and England didn’t know who Boo was, but they were so charmed by his cute face and friendly manner that they couldn’t resist.

This display in our lobby has been attracting street traffic.

Next shot was at the Chronicle Books bookstore. We planned to arrive early and set it up to look like a book signing, but we ended up being so late that the store was already open and filed with customers. So, Boo made the day for some local fans. Lucky for them that they had camera phones!

Boo is a professional waiting for his cue.

Our final stop was the beach at Crissy Fields, so we could get a good shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. As is often the case, we had to consider our other celebrity: the San Francisco Fog. It was still hanging on the bridge, obscuring the top third at noon. Ah well, what is San Francisco without the fog? We filmed anyway and were surprised at how many people stopped to see Boo. One woman said, “Can I take your dog’s picture? He looks just like Boo.” And when Becky told her it was Boo, I thought she might swoon. Yup. Boo has that effect on the ladies (and a lot of guys, too).

You can see the end result of 4 hours of driving, set-up and filming in this clip which aired on Good Morning America.

To celebrate Boo’s new book, Boo: Little Dog in the Big City, one lucky dog is going to get to experience San Francisco too! Enter Boo’s San Francisco Giveaway for a chance to win a trip for two (plus doggie!) to San Francisco courtesy of Virgin America, W San Francisco, The Brixton San Francisco, and 7×7 Magazine.

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