Pretty Pairs of Patterns

One way things work pretty often around here is that we’ll do a book, and people like that book, and so then we make all sorts of cool stationery and other formats based on the book. Thus Paris in Color led to adorable Paris in Color Notes, The Art of Instruction spawned amazing The Art of Instruction Postcards, and so on. But one day it suddenly occurred to us—what if we did it the other way around?! What if we looked to all the super cool formats we’ve published in recent years with all kinds of fantastic artists, and pulled together art from those projects into a book?

Specifically, what about all those neat repeating patterns our stationery artists have been creating? From Rifle Paper Company to Julia Rothman, Grady McFerrin to Jill Bliss, French General to Amy Butler, I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say we work with some of the best pattern designers in the business. Wouldn’t they be beautiful showcased in a book on the art of pattern design? And thus the book Pretty Patterns was born. Once we got going on the project, something else that turned out to be really cool was how patterns by different artists could interact across the spreads—all kinds of interesting visual conversations got going.

Here are few of them:

Yana Beylinson’s flowers dreamily rub shoulders with Grady McFerrin’s clouds


Green-hued florals by Jill Bliss and Amy Butler strike up a beautiful friendship


Jen Renninger and Junzo Terada showcase the myriad visual possibilities of the chevron


Amy Achaibou’s adorable cupcakes and Suzy Ultman’s adorable matryoshkas are a match made in heaven


Katie Vernon and Rifle Paper Company together epitomize everything there is to love about flowers


Julia Rothman’s phones and Sukie’s letters are clearly asking each other, “Where have you been all my life?”


Vines and birds—French General style and Suzy Ultman style

Bridget Watson Payne

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Bridget Watson Payne

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