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Dear Josey Baker,

At long last, your book Josey Baker Bread is here for the world to see and bake and taste. Congratu-freaking-lations!

One of the perks of working in publishing is getting to see manuscripts long before they go to the printer. When I peeked at yours last summer, I did cartwheels because you included the recipe for Dark Mountain Rye. Of all your breads (and how can anyone pick a favorite?), that guy has the most soul and complexity. As you know from Instagram, I’ve been baking from it weekly since July. Who would have dreamt that you could make a dense, seedy, hearty loaf in an average apartment kitchen?

Dark Mountain Rye

As an avid home baker, I have been telling anyone who will listen that this book will change their life. It’s a complete breaducation. It will create brand new bakers from absolute beginners. It will expand the repertoire of experienced bakers. It will inspire readers and eaters alike. This is what I want to give to anyone remotely interested in bread. To quote Mr. Obama’s campaign, your book shouts, “Yes, you can!”

But, wait, there’s more. Your book has brought my family closer. Seriously. All the bread I’ve been baking for the past seven years has meant nothing to my gluten-free sister. And now? The Adventure Bread is something that she gets to enjoy. Heck, I enjoy it, too.

Adventure Bread (gluten-free)

On behalf of the breadheads of the world, thanks for writing a great book. It’s accessible and intelligent and solid. My coworkers ought to thank you as well, as they beg me to bake more Black Pepper Parmesan each week. (Ever thought of calling it Crack Pepper Parmesan?)

Black Pepper Parmesan

Lastly, thanks from the bottom of my heart for going for it and diving headfirst into your breadventure. Your story of an everyday guy who got stuck with a jar of wild sourdough starter and began baking into the wee hours of the morning, invented a bread subscription club, and now is a partner of a bakery/café/mill proves that dreams DO come true. See you at The Mill (and on my bookshelf), pal.

Homebaked Josey Baker Bread

Yeastily yours,

Director of Ecommerce

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