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7 Interactive Children’s Books To Shake Up Storytime

What’s the easiest way to get kids hooked on storytime? Get them physically engaged with these buzzed-about books that feature pressing, turning, twisting, and more!

Hungry Bunny and Bunny Slopes

By Claudia Rueda

Shake up storytime with a bunny who’s full of fun! These books star a bunny who needs your help, which children can do by using an included red ribbon or by rocking the book back and forth. Whether it’s helping Bunny ski home or pick tasty apples, parents love that these books make young readers crack up while learning to problem solve.
Hungry Bunny | Bunny Slopes

Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda

Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda

Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda

Hungry Bunny | Bunny Slopes


Find Me: A Hide-and-Seek Book

By Anders Arhoj

Children will love this innovative seek-and-find picture book that can be read from front to back…and back to front! Open the book from the front to search for one of the characters, and then open the book from the back to search for the other. It’s two hide-and-seek experiences in one book. Exploring all of the playful details again and again makes for a richly imaginative storytime.

Find Me: A Hide-and-Seek Book

Find Me: A Hide-and-Seek Book

Find Me: A Hide-and-Seek Book


Press Here and Mix it Up

By Hervé Tullet

Press the yellow dot and your little one will find themselves on a magical journey! Hailed as a favorite among preschoolers, Press Here is deceptively simple yet irresistible as it asks readers to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and discover surprises on every page. Mix it Up sets readers on a journey where colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish—a world powered by their interaction and imagination.

Press Here | Mix it Up

Herve Tullet series

Press Here | Mix it Up


TouchThinkLearn Series

By Xavier Deneux

The TouchThinkLearn series have a format unlike any other: combining scooped-out die-cuts with raised, shaped elements, each book is designed to offer the youngest learners the opportunity to explore their universe in a hands-on, multi-sensory way.

TouchThinkLearn series

TouchThinkLearn series

TouchThinkLearn series


Flora and the Flamingo

By Molly Idle

This innovative wordless picture book has interactive flaps that, when flipped by young readers, allows Flora and her graceful flamingo friend to explore the trials and joys of friendship through a synchronized dance. Guaranteed to bring giggles and incite imagination, Flora and her friends are the perfect pair to revisit time and time again.

Flora series

Flora series by Molly Idle

Flora series by Molly Idle

Flora series

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